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More Secure Browsing with Firefox

**I plan on making a post for each of the most popular web browsers to help people practice more secure browsing with the least amount of effort required.**

The average person visits 138 web pages per day. While many sites these days secure their sites with HTTPS for encrypted traffic, only about 55.4% have adopted it.

This is a great first step toward a secure browsing experience, but there are a few ways you can ensure that you’re staying safe during your day to day surfing.

I’m going to list just a few of my favorite Mozilla Firefox extensions that are simple to setup and will operate with no user intervention needed.

#1 HTTPS Everywhere

I mentioned that a lot of sites have HTTPS, but many sites don’t use this protocol by default.

Using this add-on will force sites to utilize HTTPS if it is available. A simple precaution to make up for web administrators not doing their due diligence.

If you install no other add-on, this one is a must.

#2 AdNauseam

This add-on provides anti-tracking features to your browser and will automatically deny tracking cookies to keep from nasty websites (**cough** facebook **cough**) from following you around the web. AdNauseam functions as a mask for your web browsing by obfuscating (obscuring) your data from the web servers you’re connecting to.

AdNauseam also functions as your friendly neighborhood Ad Blocker which is my favorite feature as it effects every site your on by making it load (slightly) faster and quite simply cleans up the clutter from every site you visit by removing any and all ads.

#3 Privacy Possum

Just like the add-on mentioned above, Privacy Possum blocks tracking cookies and obscures your data further by reducing the amount of traceable data sent to the websites you visit. I would recommend using both AdNauseam and Privacy Possum in tandem.

#4 Facebook Container

Facebook Container is a slick Add-on built by Mozilla. This addition “sandboxes” your facebook tab and keeps all cookies and all other nasties that can’t be blocked by normal cookie blockers, and isolates them a separate instance from the rest of your web browsing. You won’t even know this add-on is there and that’s the beauty of each of these browser additions. Once they’re installed you can forget and even hide their icons if that’s your style.

“It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This.”

-unnamed old man

I hope all of these add-ons will help you on your journey through this perilous land we call the web.